Kapow Technologies
Kapow Technologies is helping organizations harness the true power of the web – the power of information. They have announced Kapow OnDemand, an enterprise mashup and web harvesting service. Their solution helps organizations pull data from the web in into databases for mashups and web applications or for Microsoft Excel in real-time.

Kapow OnDemand

Kapow refers to it as “structured web intelligence”. The solution is based on the Kapow Mashup Server, an on-premise solution that is deployed in over 300 organizations today. The OnDemand solution uses the same server technology in a software-as-a-service model. It provides the ability to create automated collection of all types of data available through the web. Using this service, organizations can create and manage their own services and data feeds or have Kapow help them out. The solution has two primary components: Robot Development Environment The service provides a development environment that enables users to build “robots” that will extract, transform and output web data into a database or an Excel spreadsheet.

The Robot Development environment is a visual scripting environment. This runtime environment can support sites developed using the latest in web technologies like AJAX and Javascript. It has sophisticated error handling capabilities and a visual debugger. The developer has total control of the robots they create. Role Based Interactions The ability to create and use these robots is based on role-based authentication and authorization. Roles can be defined for the creation, editing and executing of robots. All reporting and monitoring capabilities also utilize these roles. In addition, an organization can provide access to their services to external partners or suppliers. They simply get assigned their own login and role in the system.

Kapow Connector for Excel

The Kapow Connector for Excel was also announced at the same time as the OnDemand Service. Microsoft Excel is one of the most used tools in organizations today. In most cases, users are cutting and pasting data into their spreadsheets and generating integrated information views. This connector help ease the effort required to create these types of views. Excel users can select robots created in the Robot Designer and have these robots run with a click of the mouse. By using robots, they now have a real-time feed of data directly in their spreadsheet. The connector supports both csv and xml data formats. “Before Kapow OnDemand, a competitive intelligence mashup of a dozen external data feeds would have taken several days or longer,” said Stefan Andreasen, CTO of Kapow Technologies. “Now, our customers can complete this project in as little as 30 minutes, allowing business analysts to spend valuable time on improving their models for making more timely and better business decisions.” Kapow Technologies isn't the only mashup server on the market. We talked quite a bit lately about all the work IBM has been putting into mashup technology and we've told you about another Mashup Server vendor WS02 who develops on a SOA platform. Heck even Microsoft has joined in -- although we aren't completely sure what their offering is all about yet. If all this talk of mashups makes you tingle, along with the thought of SaaS, then look into Kapow a bit further. The product pricing is subscription based starting at US$ 3400/month.