If you have ever done a content migration, or dabbled into a web data extraction project, Kapow Technologies (news, site) might be a familiar name.

If you're a Kapow customer, you probably have contributed a penny or two to their FY2010 results. If you're thinking of becoming a customer, read on to see how the company is doing financially.

Financial and Product Development Highlights

The makers of web data services and content migration tools seem to be doing well, as they have exceeded the estimates set by the management team for the quarter ending June 30, 2010 (Q4 FY10), according to the company.

Here's a quick look at Q4 FY2010 highlights:

  • 67% year-over-year growth based on Q4 results
  • 47% subscription revenue growth
  • 88% year-over-year growth in the number of deals exceeding US$ 100,000
  • 98 new and existing customer deals

While Kapow is not a public company, and thus not obliged to report full financial results, the ones they did share may indicate that the company is performing well and continues to grow since its inception in 1998.

According to Kapow, the numbers are positive due to the growing need for organizations to manage large amounts of data, and to extract and integrate data from legacy enterprise applications and the web to improve decision making and business intelligence.

“The explosion of Web data continues to create significant opportunities for companies to innovate and evolve into real-time businesses,” said John Yapaola, CEO, Kapow Technologies.

Here's some of our coverage of Kapow over the past year to give you an overview of what the company has been up to on the product side:

Growing the Partner Ecosystem

For a vendor like Kapow, partners and SIs are essential. And it is good to see that they realize that and continue to grow partnerships. One of the latest ones was signed with Composite Software. The two are launching a a joint solution called Composite Application Data Services for Web Content that is designed for integration of web data in large-scale data virtualization environments for real-time business intelligence.