Enterprise knowledge workers are suffering from email overload, and none too soon intelligence solutions like Kwaga are coming to the rescue. Mixing smart semantic processing with your own rules and preferences the company aims to take the pain out of your inbox.


Kwaga -- Semantic Email Smarts Combined With Prioritized VIP Communications.

Richer Email + Automated Tedium

Email used to be simple -- just a message from one person to another. Now it contains links, introductions, event invitations and time-critical, enterprise 2.0 action requests, all amongst the deluge of personal exchanges and Facebook updates.

Kwaga Context and SmarterEmails aim to help. With its use, Google Apps users can remember if they are waiting for a reply from someone, add links to services like LinkedIn and add new contacts with just one click.

The service uses a semantic engine to understand what each email means to you, be it an appointment, action request or other task. Working as kind of automated organizer Kwaga parses emails, adds rich context to the reading experience, automatically creates calendar entries and keeps track of time-based requests, waving a virtual flag as their due dates approach.

Available as a Google App, Kwaga adds these simple but powerful operations to help the user work a little more efficiently. It may be easy just to leave everything up to Google's search and Gmail's massive in-box, but being a little more organized can go a long way. Google Apps domain managers can install SmarterEmails across their systems to improve consistency via partnerships or APIs (see marketplace listing).

Here's a quick video summary:

Now on iPhone

A new iPhone app, Kwaga Mobile, also helps by prioritizing messages from your important contacts. Simply set the app up with your email address and add VIP contacts to a list. It can also be setup to work with IMAP accounts.

When an email arrives (it works with Gmail, Yahoo! and other services) from an important contact, the phone will shake to get your attention. There are also separate lists for emails you have to answer or follow-up on, an Urgent items list containing time-sensitive TODOs, and a reminder system to keep you on top of it all.

Convenience, Great. What About Privacy?

Inviting convenience into your life generally exposes more of your data and services to third parties. Kwaga is no exception. When you wire-up Kwaga to your company's Google Apps, you give access to email data, contacts, calendar and more.

The company is sensitive to the concerns this type of access can raise. They've posted a Privacy Pledge on their website detailing how and why they use certain personal data, that they do not sell your information to third parties and how you can delete your account and corresponding data. The pledge may or may not be enough for you -- for additional details, contact the company directly.

About Kwaga

Launched in October 2009, the Paris, France-based firm has seen its semantic knowledge all neatly tucked away out of sight behind clean apps, to parse millions of user's emails. The products are being continuously developed, with a query-by-email feature currently in the works and large-scale trials on the near horizon. Kwaga expects revenue to come from licensing deals with larger software and service providers. The company's semantic processing software currently works with both English and French email content.