U.K company Odyssey has cranked up development on its update to the company's Interact Intranet (news, site) suite to cram in features that make an instant communications hub for your intranet.

Power of the Intranet

In times gone by, an Intranet was just a hand-coded company directory that listed who was on to make the coffee. Now though, you don't even need to lift a finger to get a fully functional communication and collaboration tool. Interact offers one such solution that is regularly updated to offer the latest in social and worker interaction tools.

The latest edition, version 4.6, has been updated to add several enhancements and new features. The overall package offers a workspace aimed at encouraging and harvesting creativity, interaction and productivity among workers.

Get Them to Talk

 At the core of the updates are what are rapidly the de rigueur features of micro-posts and short messages as found on all the cool social sites.

The idea for Interact's Collaborative Staff Directory is to get workers posting ideas and questions, and finding solutions and answers in an organic way to encourage further communication and move those ideas and solutions forward.


Get a more social intranet through Interact

To help in that effort, the package has a host improvements including a clearer layout with more linked objects, easier and more flexible ways to collaborate on user's documents while helping to reduce staff's dependency on waiting for email replies and reducing the amount of duplicated effort from bulk emails and many replies.

On the Go? Stay in Touch

Interact Mobile takes this a step further by helping keep those workers who are always on the go also in touch, regardless of their phone model. With widgets and blogs, users can personalize their content and keep others up to date on projects and processes in a more visible but less formal manner than they may be used to. 

Available in Standard (up to 1,000 users) and Enterprise versions for larger organizations, Interact provides a .NET-powered solution for those currently looking for an intranet solution that can help improve how their staff work.

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