IBM (news, site) brings enterprise email to the Android, allowing workers to stay in touch on the go and save IT departments some effort.

What the User Wants, the User Gets

In recent years, users have largely ignored the rules of the IT department and got the emails, data and other information on the device of their choice, by hook, crook, or auto-forwarding. While IT is now getting back on top of things, as phones have become more enterprise 2.0-friendly, there is nothing like an official app to please both the support and executive branches.

IBM has a lot at stake in this environment, so it comes as little surprise to see Lotus Notes Traveler for Android arrive, enabling all those Lotus Domino users to pick up their messages on the go. Launching today as a free application, Traveler lets users to securely collaborate with colleagues and manage their personal email too.

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Executive email comes to the Android

Can Lotus Bloom?

Lotus Notes has taken a hit in recent years at the hands of SharePoint and smaller solutions but still plays a big part in many enterprises. Lotus Notes Traveler will help bolster its image, but the app will hardly win over new converts. However, with automatic updates and high-spec security, it hits a lot of the right buttons for IT departments. 

The product should ship in decent shape, having been beta-tested by over 1,000 of IBM's customers around the world. It supports a wide range of Android types both tablets and smartphones, including the  Motorola Droid 2 and Droid X, HTC Droid, Incredible and Evo46, T-Mobile G2, Google Nexus One among others.