Earlier this year in an interview, George Grippo, VP Media Asset Management at North Plains, indicated that many Digital Asset Management (DAM) vendors are struggling to cope with the special requirements of video asset management.

While he didn’t explicitly say in the interview thatNorth Plains (news, site), a rich media and DAM solution vendor, was working on a solution to do just this, this week’s release of their latest version of Telescope Video Manager shows that they were.

Available as an on-site or SaaS solution, the Telescope Video Manager provides a relatively inexpensive solution that even novices can use in thecreation, editing and distribution of short and long form video across multiple platforms likeYouTube and other social networks.

Unique Video Asset Problems

The problem at the moment is that as the use of video increases, even in small enterprises there is a gallop to include video on websites and social networks without really understanding how these assets can be managed.

Amongst the problems facing companies working in the production of assets are:

  • Need to create a streamlined production environment
  • Distribution of videos across multi-channels
  • Increasing complexity in channels (HDTV, IPTV, Mobile)
  • Failure as yet to develop common standards
  • Move from tape to digital format.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg as companies who are not directly involved in media increasingly use video to target new business.

In this respect the problems include:

  • Lack of a solution that will take a video asset from production to display on multiple channels including web and other broadcast channels
  • Multiple encoding formats and enormous file sizes mean that until now a number of programs have been used in the video creation process.
  • Storage, managing and archiving video assets.

Video Management Solution

North Plains says that with this latest version of TeleScope Video Manager they have created a solution that will deal with all the issues outlined above.

Learning Opportunities

The new version provides an enterprise class Media Asset Management (MAM) -- incorporating DAM --system that secures and enables access to assets through an easy to use interface.

By giving users more power to control asset manipulation, it also gives companies more control over the costs involved as it cuts the need to bring in third-party video management teams.

Amongst the features included are:

  • Types of Video: Ability to create all forms of video, including long form, short form and video for web use.
  • Third Party Editor Integration: Ability to integrate with third-party digital editing suites such as Avid and Apple Final Cut Pro.
  • Video Management: Out of the box support for all video management and playback mechanisms including clip creation, video streaming and storyboarding amongst others.
  • End-to-end management: All files are stored and accessible from a central repository.
  • Asset Tracking: Tracking different versions including checking-in and out ability
  • Asset Distribution: Automated file migration, replication and distribution enabling distributors to scale operations to suit.
  • Video annotation: Annotation using customizable logging templates

TeleScope for Video Management is geared towards organizations that create, ingest and distribute all types of video assets.

However, sooner rather than later the distinction between organizations that use and don’t use videos is likely to disappear as everyone gets in on the act.

And as the appetite for rich media content develops it is also likely that competition in this marketplace will move up a gear and we’ll be seeing more video solutions from more companies.