MarketMeSuite Launches Picture Sharing for Business
If you’ve ever wanted to combine the power of a Tweet with the inspiration of a photo, without having to rely on a third-party photo application, we’d like to introduce you to MarketMeSuite., Photo You

MarketMeSuite, if you're unfamiliar, offers a social media marketing dashboard designed specifically for small businesses to build client relationships and organic, targeted leads. Recently, MarketMeSuite received a comprehensive update. Among the new additions added is a smart personal branding feature called “"

Users can now attach an image when posting a Tweet or Facebook update, which is published to the users’ own photostream on, hosted and built by MarketMeSuite. Once uploaded, the photo lives on MarketMeSuite’s site, where users can share, comment and track views.

Picture Sharing for Business on MarketMeSuite with

Streamlining Social Media Workflows With Photos

Since Twitter announced its plans to unveil a photo sharing feature of its own, other Twitter applications are hoping to compete. After all, if users are already using a preferred Twitter client to send updates, it makes sense to make it easier for them to upload photos without having to lean on third-party applications.

MarketMeSuite boasts that their users send more than 500,000 tweets per month, so having a in-suite photo sharing tool will help them streamline their social media workflow. Additionally, makes it easy to track image views, while encouraging sharing and commenting. 

Don't Forget Media

Social media is to be shared. However, there’s more to shared content than just words. Media, of course takes all forms, from video to photos, but they’re not always the easiest formats to actively, dynamically share. As social media clients become more sophisticated, we can expect the sharing multimedia will become more advanced and more integrated into social media marketing campaigns.