Twitter (news, site) continues its rampage across the micro-messaging ecosystem by adding its own picture uploading and sharing feature.

Tweet for the Camera

Having snapped up TweetDeck last week to round out its desktop client offering, Twitter will this week announce its own photo-hosting feature to tread all over the toes of rivals such as Flickr and Yfrog. The news will be announced at the D9 conference.

Other operators generate millions of dollars in ad revenue from people clicking on to check out newsworthy, interesting, funny or other photo content. It seems only fair that Twitter gets in on the act, but it will have a long way to go to catch up on the incumbents and will probably generate a lot of angry press and comment from third parties and freedom fans.

The Big Announcement

Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo should be breaking the official news tomorrow and it's likely that the update will hit straight away. If neatly embedded in the likes of the Twitter app and Tweetdeck, then it could easily swing users away from having to work via a third-party app.

Will Twitter go whole hog and stop image posts from third parties appearing on the service? Unlikely, but it sounds like another rampart is firmly clanging into place, as the company tries to protect and monetize its ecosystem, and there's nothing wrong with that.