Twitter (news, site) got the best iPhone app from buying Tweetie. Now it gets its desktop app by snapping up TweetDeck.

Stacking the Deck

A little over a year ago, Twitter purchased the most successful iPhone application for using the mini-messaging social networking service, Tweetie. Twitter took that product, made it free and hasn't really looked back since. Now, it plans to do the same with the popular TweetDeck application.

TweetDeck is more widespread, as it runs as a desktop app via Adobe Air, on Google Chrome as a Web app, an iOS app and on Android. But the long and short of it is, Twitter now has its bases covered for ways to interact with the core service in all arenas.

Devil in the Details

The deal, which has been speculated on for some months as one of the more straightforward moves that Twitter could make, is for around US$ 40 million and takes TweetDeck off the table as other companies were interested in buying.


TweetDeck 2.0 will spread the service further

The British-based TweetDeck team is currently touting TweetDeck 2.0 for iPhone and will probably keep on churning out the goods for their new masters. The app, for those out of the loop, helps create columns of topics that users can keep an eye on, an approach not unique to TweetDeck, but it is often the most mentioned.