Mobile Enterprise: iPhone 4 Dominates Flickr, Android Catching Up

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This week, the line between enterprise tool and child's play gets very blurry. The iPad 2 is now available at Toys R Us stores nationwide. Now, back to our regularly scheduled news...

iPhone 4, Preferred Camera of Flickr Users

Soon the most popular camera used for taking pictures uploaded to Flickr will be the iPhone 4. Before you point out that the iPhone was already consider the top source of photos uploaded to the photo-sharing site, consider this: Until now, Flickr was counting all the iPhone models together. The original iPhone, the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS were all clumped together to overtake other source. Taken separately, the iPhone 4 alone is on track to be the most popular camera on Flickr in under a year.


It hasn’t even been a year since the iPhone 4 was released and yet it has affected everything from how we view presentations, how we engage with others and now, how we document the world around us.

Learning Opportunities

Smartphones, Smart Shoppers

But smartphones aren’t just for taking photos -- they are also for making purchases. Nearly one-half (49%) of mobile searchers, defined as people who use the mobile Web at least weekly, indicated that they have made at least one purchase via mobile device in the previous six months. According to a study by Performics and ROI Research, the most popular purchases via mobile are in the entertainment category (32%), followed by apparel goods (31%), electronics (25%), travel (22%) and consumer packaged goods (CPG) (20%).

Even if users don’t buy from their phones, they are still using them to find about sales, deals and discounts. The reports shows that 76% have searched the mobile Web in the previous six months to find information on entertainment, 68% for have done so for electronics, 61% for apparel and 57% for CPG.

Androids Among Us

Though we talk a lot about Apple, we shouldn't ignore Android. Google’s Android platform continues to make an impact in the mobile market and is now seeing 350,000 device activations per day, which should put the annual activation rate of Android smartphones, tablets and other devices at 127.75 million. To put it in context, Apple reported that they shipped 120 million iOS devices over the prior three years. Google should expect to surpass that number in the next 12 months alone.