Why stick with one search engine, when you can get the best of both worlds? New service, Gune, takes this approach to mobile search.

Make Search Google With A Bing

Gune is a beta search service offering a meta-search service focused on mobile information, which works on the desktop but is now extending to the mobile space. It is available as a plain mobile web page or there are a series of web launchers for Noka, BlackBerry and Palm phones.

The results of your searches are combined from both Google and Bing, and it also has old-style Yahoo-like categories you can investigate including business, technology, shopping and so on. Each of these provides a list of mobile sites for services that may be useful such as Bloomberg, CNN and so on.


Find stuff easier on your mobile.

Results On The Go

With an initial thought that they were trying to combine Google with Zune, it actually transpires that Gune is Basque for "Site." A Brazilian-developed product from Handcase, there are a couple of language foibles in the text, but it works as advertised, splitting the results into two panes, with the top results from each service, optimized for a mobile screen.

For anyone with something less than an iPhone or Android who wants decent search, or just needs a set of links to hand quickly, Gune is practical and to the point, a welcome change to the increasingly bloated search sites and products.