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  • Microsoft Report: Maybe You Do Have A Right To Be Forgotten

    Microsoft Report: Maybe You Do Have A Right To Be Forgotten

    Microsoft received 186 requests to remove Bing search results and other online content from governments worldwide in the first half of 2015 — and 89 percent of them came from the goverment of China.

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  • Bing Search Encryption and Your Analytics Strategy

    Bing Search Encryption and Your Analytics Strategy

    Think back three years and you probably recall a cacophony of moans and groans from digital marketers.  Google had announced that search conducted through a Google service – Gmail, Google Plus, etc. – would be encrypted.

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  • Come Closer: Here's How You Can Win the #MarchMadness Pool

    Loser. If you turned in your March Madness brackets earlier this week, chances are that that’s how you feel. Fear not, you’re not alone. ESPN says 99 percent of the brackets submitted to their website were damaged by yesterday’s results.

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  • What Data Crunchers Say About the Super Bowl

    The big game is on Sunday and we know who’s going to win. OK, no we don’t, but Microsoft’s Cortana thinks she does and she has a pretty good track record. If you remember, she called every single elimination match of last year’s World Cup, including the final, correctly.

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  • Marketers Are Mastering Digital Advertising, Adobe Suggests

    Adobe's fourth quarter 2014 Digital Advertising Report  shows digital advertising is becoming increasingly efficient — and that smart advertisers understand the nuances of customer behaviors, including the top days of the week for search. The report analyzed search and social media data and trends around Google, Yahoo/Bing and Facebook.

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  • Can Facebook Crack Search - Without Bing?

    Can Facebook Crack Search - Without Bing?

    Facebook has quietly stopped including Microsoft Bing search results on its social networking site, Reuters first confirmed. Instead, the social network has revamped its own search offering with a new tool it claims makes it easier for users to filter and search through comments and other information from friends.

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  • Microsoft Soups Up Office Online with Contextual Search

    Microsoft Soups Up Office Online with Contextual Search

    No one likes dumb anything, least of all technology companies. In a move to smarten-up Hangouts, Google added "smart" suggestions yesterday. Microsoft is on the case as well, making its Office Online app a lot smarter with the addition of contextualized Bing search into documents.

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  • Microsoft Wants to Own You [Video]

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has a strong record of delivering on his promises and we’re now beginning to see what that looks like. While we’ve already told you a great deal about the company’s recent advances in big data, OneDrive, Office 365, AzurePowerBI, predictive analytics and 

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  • Why Microsoft's Cortana is 14 for 14 Calling World Cup Matches

    Why Microsoft's Cortana is 14 for 14 Calling World Cup Matches

    Update: Germany defeated Argentina 1-0 in extra time to win the 2014 World Cup at Estadio do Maracana in Rio De Janeiro yesterday — boosting Cortana's record to 15 for 15. Celebrity data scientist Nate Silver, take a seat. You too Google, machine learning gods.

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  • News Bites: Google's Enhanced E-Commerce, Foko Desktop, More

    News Bites: Google's Enhanced E-Commerce, Foko Desktop, More

    Google enhances e-commerce, Apple defaults to Bing and Foko goes desktop. Plus, customers most value efficiency and there's a new Neo. Here's a sample of the latest news. Google Analytics Improves Integration  Google Analytics  announced its premium version is now integrated with DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager.

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  • Windows 8.1 Update Goes Live Today

    Apple's latest operating system (OS) update, expected to be released next week, is called Mavericks. Google's soon-to-be-released Android OS update will be called KitKat. What is Microsoft calling its super-important Windows update that is supposed to motivate the world to migrate? Ah, Windows 8.1.  So deal with it.

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  • Is Blippex the Next Big Search Engine?

    Meet Blippex. While it's not yet used as a verb, it is being regarded as a contender in the search engine market. But not because it's the next Google.  Bippex It.  Unlike Google, Blippex's founders don't rank searches by how many sites link to them.

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  • The Google Versus Bing Experience

    Google is focused on reducing distractions whereas Bing seems focused on providing them. I use Google. I don’t use Bing. Maybe it’s just habit. But every time I tried Bing it seemed to give me less useful results than the ones I was getting from Google.

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  • Bing Ups the Search Engine Ante with Smarter Searches, Updated Design

    Microsoft is upping the ante in its search war with Google, adding new features and an updated look for its Bing search service.

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