News Bites Googles Enhanced ECommerce Foko Desktop More

News Bites: Google's Enhanced E-Commerce, Foko Desktop, More

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Google enhances e-commerce, Apple defaults to Bing and Foko goes desktop. Plus, customers most value efficiency and there's a new Neo.

Here's a sample of the latest news.

Google Analytics Improves Integration 

Google Analytics announced its premium version is now integrated with DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager. The tech giant claims the integration will offer a clearer view of the customer journey, provide information for better investment decisions and offer greater speed in merging campaign data.

Recently, Google Analytics announced a beta version of Enhanced E-commerce, which offers more data on shopper behavior and conversion, including what products are viewed or added to carts, where customers get lost and which payment methods are used.

Apple: Bing, Not Google

At its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced it is extending the search functions of Spotlight in OS X Yosemite for Macs to include Net search results as well as local files – and those results will come from Microsoft Bing. Previously, searching the Internet from Spotlight generated a new window in the default browser, which often had Google as the default search engine. .

Foko for Desktops, Laptops

Contacts in Foko - jpeg.jpg

Foko, a private image sharing app for companies, is out with a web version for desktops and laptops. The company said the process is the same as for the app – click camera icon, select image, share. The web version can also be used to browse images.

To more easily find someone with whom to share, Foko has also released a Contacts app for sharing without entering contact details. If the contact is someone external to the company, Foko reminds you that comments will be seen by those outsiders.

Learning Opportunities

Personalized or Efficient Service?

If you think personalized customer service is the most important factor for customers, a new survey from virtual agent provider IntelliResponse claims otherwise.

The Google Consumer Survey of 1,000 consumers found 59 percent prefer efficiency to personalized service, while only 24 percent want personalized service. Eleven percent chose the response of "I buy certain products – that's it."

Three-quarters want to get the same answers from a company's website as from talking to a call center agent, and a website is the first place 68 percent of respondents go for information about a product or service.

New Neo with ETL

Graph database provider Neo Technology has released Neo4j 2.1, which offers built-in ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) for importing data from relational databases. There are also new features for mapping tabular data in the application from CSV files, which the company said is as much as 100 times faster than other methods.

CEO Emil Eifrem noted in a statement "companies across the board are recognizing the value that comes from re-imagining their existing data as a graph."

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