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  • News Bites Googles Enhanced ECommerce Foko Desktop More

    News Bites: Google's Enhanced E-Commerce, Foko Desktop, More

    Google enhances e-commerce, Apple defaults to Bing and Foko goes desktop. Plus, customers most value efficiency and there's a new Neo. Here's a sample of the latest news. Google Analytics Improves Integration  Google Analytics  announced its premium version is now integrated with DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager.

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  • Graph Databases Unlock Goldmines Neo4j is the Key

    Graph Databases Unlock Goldmines, Neo4j is the Key

    If you haven’t yet heard of graph databases, get ready. They’re the next hot ticket in a world consumed by big data, analytics and the Internet of Things. They do things other databases do not do well, like help us discover insights via relationships —between people, places or things.

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