MOGI and Clay Tablet Team, Spells Internat'l Success for Clients
MO Group International (MOGI) and Clay Tablet Technologies announced their intention to combine forces for mutual benefit. The two companies expect the partnership to impact translation and localization services, as well as multilingual SEO strategies and online integration techniques.

MOGI'S Multilingual SEO

After being impressed with MOGI’s results in the complicated and often stress-inducing field that is multilingual SEO, Clay Tablet is no doubt quite happy to acquire their services. Clients who look to Clay Tablet when they’re lost in translation challenges will likely be equally as happy (if not ecstatic) at the soon to be offered additional important service options. Not to be left out in the cold without benefits to reap, MOGI clients will now have access to significant integration tools thanks to Clay Tablet.

Clay Tablet's Integration Software

The reciprocity continues as Clay Tablet will provide software and technical integration support to MOGI, resulting in more efficient translation processes for their clients and staff. Clay Tablet will connect any client content system to the translation technologies used at MOGI. This will, in effect, reduce content handling effort for all. Further still, Clay Tablet plans to keep their eyes peeled for marketing opportunities in order to leverage MO Group International's unique and perhaps underrepresented capabilities.

If all goes well, the partnership will strengthen MOGI's position in the industry and reinforce the company as a reliable choice for localization and multilingual SEO strategies.

Communication a Challenge in The International Market

It doesn't take a total brainiac to figure out that mixing multilingual resources and seamless integration technologies will likely yield optimal business solutions to clients in the international market. And as you've probably heard time and time again communication is arguably one of the most fundamental aspects in any kind of successful relationship, so it is in the business world.

Watch with us and let's see if MOGI and Clay Tablet's combined efforts to provide innovative solutions works as well as it sounds like it will.

For additional information, visit both MOGI and Clay Tablet.