Indian IT engineering company Pramati offers a new service called Qontext to help companies create secure social communications from the apps your users work with.

Put the Conversation in Context

Social collaboration is a big issue in the Enterprise 2.0 era. No company wants to be without a better way to connect and communicate with the troops beyond plain old email. Qontext offers a new way to move conversations away from informal methods to one the company can better monitor and get derive useful information from.

The trick that Qontext uses is to work within your company's existing applications, where a problem or issue is likely to arise. This saves the need to open up an email, go to the blog, wiki or other page where business interactions currently happen.

It still has all the usual features like user and group profiles -- with LDAP and Active Directory support, the ability to tweet and have discussions, share documents and other collaboration mainstays. Alerts can appear on desktops as messages are sent, using an Adobe AIR app.


Keep in touch through neat little widgets

Make Your Own Society

Getting Qontext in your company apps is a challenge that the creators have met by doing away with the "lets make it like Facebook" school of design. Instead, clients use the Qontent Toolbox to create mini-windows for social interaction that are added to applications just like widgets or other features.

Messages can be created for individuals, groups or a global audience. These messages are then shown in the full Qontent portal where further discussion can take place, problems can be solved and ideas debated.

Fits All Sizes

Qontext is available for ISVs to help bolt into existing services or can be tried as a free version. The foundation main edition is hosted in a multi-tenant environment for US$ 2 per user per month (excluding support) while the top line Professional edition is fully hosted and available at US$ 10 per user (excluding support) or negotiable pricing depending on the user base.

Expansion packs are already available to help Qontext integrate with the likes of Salesforce and others won't be far behind. An innovative approach to social enterprise, Qontext has the flexibility to fit in most businesses and it will be interesting to see what uptake there is.