Ricoh Announces Archiving Improvements for DocumentMall
Attention Ricoh Americas Corporation fans. We've got another update on the digital office equipment provider. (Updates for two weeks in a row! We know, it's like Christmas never ended, right?) This time around the corporation announced the availability of an improved Dataworks3 ARCHIVE with seamless integration into the previously reviewed on-line document sharing and management solution, DocumentMall. 

Automatic Archiving Reduces Time and Effort

Variable data printing usually involve a ton of transactional documents that need to be accessed multiple times over the course of a business agreement (like invoices and statements). To help businesses expedite this task more efficiently, Ricoh has enabled the Dataworks3 ARCHIVE module to automatically archive to DocumentMall's 24x7 online repository. Additionally, users can utilize index values to search and quickly retrieve a specific document from the service.

In short, businesses can use Dataworks3 ARCHIVE to garner enhanced search and retrieval capabilities. This previously would have cost them a pretty penny and a ridiculous amount of time due to the effort required fussing with hard copy output -- something that's rapidly becoming outdated anyway.

Automation Capabilities Are Key

Combining variable data printing middleware and a software-as-a-service solution gives customers strong automation capabilities and eases the collection and storing of important documents. At the same time it simultaneously eliminates frustrating, time-consuming and error prone manual intervention.

Basically? You put automatic archiving and a SaaS solution together and you get a nice little time and money saving solution. And who doesn't want one of those these days?

In Hede Nonaka's ( executive vice president of Ricoh) words:

"Organizing document workflow is imperative to any business function as it creates efficiencies that can reduce inaccuracies, streamline processes and minimize operational costs. Having the ability to integrate the variable data printing capabilities of Dataworks3 with a powerful storage solution such as DocumentMall provides additional value to our customers while helping them achieve their information security, compliance and disaster recovery objectives."

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