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The diversified office automation equipment and electronics provider, Ricoh Americus Corporation, recently announced the internal deployment of their document storage and management SaaS solution -- DocumentMall for is a well-known service for on-demand customer relationship management (CRM). Companies that depend on to manage their sales, marketing, customer service and other critical functions include Corporate Express, SunTrust Banks and Kaiser Permanente.

When in Doubt, Automate

Obviously, users benefit from the automation of the sales process, but then Ricoh thought, what about all those pesky paper documents? You know, the ones that get misplaced, accidentally thrown away, fill endless hallways and cabinets of file folders or create unsightly piles on your desk. DocumentMall for solves this disconnect by allowing you to include all of those hard-copy documents in your sales automation process. Amazing, we know. Though perhaps seemingly daunting, the process of automating your hard-copy documents is quite simple:* Scan documents directly from a Ricoh Multifunction Product (MFP) into* Thanks to handy dandy barcode technology, documents are automatically associated with the correct Salesforce Customer Opportunity and can be viewed directly from* Greatly improves upon manual scanning methods of getting hard-copy documents into with no PC uploading step required* Scanned hard-copy documents are automatically categorized by type of document for easy retrieval (again, thanks to the barcode)Users can then go back into their account at any time and immediately access documents like contracts, NDAs, RFP responses, program enrollment forms and others with simple point and click access:
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SaaS Saves the Planet

Times have definitely changed when it comes to the implementation of SaaS solutions. To quote Alan Pelz-Sharpe, CMS Watch's analyst, who said last year: “I have no problem telling buyers that SaaS may be worth considering, but actually going as far as recommending they pursue a SaaS option is still something of a stretch for me.”Nowadays, SaaS is hot. And with money as tight as it's been, that SaaS solutions like the integration of DocumentMall help save a little here and there is, for lack of a better word, fantastic. Offices that utilize DocumentMall for will realize these savings in their large reductions in paper and toner consumption as well as in fuel use associated with shipping documents overnight.Better for the pocket, better for the planet. And we like the sound of that; oh, yes, we do. If you do too, check out DocumentMall's site for additional information.