The latest update for's Cloud package (news, site) adds more social networking features.

Service Cloud 2 Storms In

Salesforce is rapidly catching up with the social media scene. Back in March we reported on its use of Twitter. Now, the circle is complete as Twitter and other features are given their own apps with Salesforce for Twitter, Salesforce Answers and Salesforce Knowledge.

Salesforce for Twitter

Salesforce for Twitter is free from the company's AppExchange and offers customer-service features to help Salesforce users manage the conversation, uncover the numbers behind Twitter interactions and keep customers happy.


Manage your company Twitter stats in Salesforce

Support issues can be raised in Twitter and imported into the Service Cloud for action by the relevant company agents, and these can be monitored for response and resolution times.

The interface is certainly a step up from using the Twitter site, or some of the many Twitter management apps. And, it is all cloud-powered so does not hog any company infrastructure.

Chasing the Numbers

The monitoring dashboard will give statistics lovers palpitations as they can create, customize and monitor as many graphs as they like. Users can see who is regularly in contact via Twitter, which topics are most used and how long it takes to resolve issues.

Salesforce Knowledge

Salesforce Knowledge is just missing the "Base" from the title, as it is really a source for your company's cumulative information for customers, like the many knowledge bases that have been around forever.

However, it does add a richness including images and video that many KBs lack. Plus, there is CRM integration for your company's other Salesforce tools.

Salesforce Answers

To add more fire power in the quest for knowledge comes Salesforce Answers, which should be out in 2010. This adds the voice of the cloud -- helping to find answers from experts within and from outside an organization. Rather like Yahoo! Answers, questions are asked, people answer and the best answers are voted up.

What's Your Excuse Now?

Combining these tools with the advantages of cloud computing will give the huge army of Salesforce users a few less excuses for poor customer interaction. It should make keeping the customer happy easier and improve those all-important customer service metrics.