Social Media App Server Includes Template Engine, Analytics

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Demand Media announces a new vesion of Pluck (news, site)that offers a complete toolkit for those wanting a social site in a hurry.

Social Media Application in a Server

Pluck aims to deliver the in-a-box service for the many companies looking to jump on the social bandwagon, but on their own terms.

Pluck was snapped up by Demand Media last year and has now been updated to Version 4.0. Backward compatible with previous versions, it extends in all directions offering a hosted server that gives rapid deployment and scalable resource use.

The new templating and presentation engine allows companies to create a coherent social site using JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other sources.

There are a range of social features that can then be added to attract users. To make signing up simple and stop users from turning away before they've even got in the front door, there is an identity feature that can pull a user's identity from Facebook or other social site.

 Once in, users can enjoy all the complete list of social facilities:

Learning Opportunities

  • Personas are the heart of the system and show a person's details and recent activity wall. These can be imported from, or exported to, other social sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Groups allow users to cluster or flock to their favorite subjects and share media, information or just enjoy each other's company.
  • Comments and Reviews provide a large part of a site's feedback mechanism and are used to help start or expand the conversation to encourage users to stick around.
  • Blogs, Photos and Videos provide the big social aspect, letting everyone read or see what others have been up to. For a company site, this provides an easy way for users to show themselves involved with the product or range concerned.


Pluck gives big businesses their own way into social media

Measuring the Impact

For the company that built the site, Pluck also helps metricize all the analytics data and user statistics.

  • Analytics Manager can provide all imaginable graphs and reports on user activity to help decision makers improve or expand features of the site.
  • Community Manager helps manage the flow of conversation and allows companies to remain in control of the message.
  • Application Manager helps manage the look of the site, add new features and themes (this is the newest feature and is introduced in beta).

With existing customers ranging from the NFL to USA Today, it has an impressive client list. Pluck 4 is available now, costs are dependent on usage, bandwidth and other resources consumed.