Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Young Adults: We Get Our News Online
  • Facebook Handled 750 Million Photos Over News Year's Weekend
  • By 2015: 1/3 Of Americans Will Own a Tablet
  • Mobile Photo Apps Explode Onto Social Web

Young Adults: We Get Our News Online

As more social networking shifts to electronic sources, it appears another online trend is happening: more and more younger adults are turning off the TV to get news and firing up their computers instead.

According to a recent study from Pew Research, of those aged in the 18 to 29 age group, online sources now top traditional sources such as TV and radio for local and International news.  According to the numbers, 65% reported going online for news in 2010, a sharp rise from the 2007 numbers which pegged online news reading at 34%.  Looking at a slightly older age group -- those aged 30-59, the trend continues as 48% cite the Internet as a main news source.

With news sharing sites such as Digg and Reddit, along with Facebook, there are many options for discovering and sharing news online.  Also, with more TV viewers using DVRs to time-shift their TV, the value in real-time information will undoubtedly shift online.

Facebook Handled 750 Million Photos Over New Year's Weekend

Facebook is rapidly becoming a huge content delivery network in addition to being a social networking powerhouse.  According to the company's Twitter feed, Facebook users uploaded a record-breaking 750 million photos over the weekend.  In addition to millions of "Happy New Year" status messages, Facebook users apparently wanted to ring in the new year by posing photos of their friends and family.

Photos is one of Facebook's most used features.  This, combined with the ease of snapping and uploading photos using Facebook's mobile applications on modern smartphones, it's no mystery that more and more photos are being uploaded to the service.  Add in the functionality in Facebook's photos feature like high-resolution photos and easier album management, and more and more Facebook users are utilizing the photos service.

Are you a photo swapper on Facebook?  What makes you more prone to publish photos on Facebook over other services such as Flickr or Twitter?  We look forward to the debate in the comments below.

By 2015: 1/3 Of Americans Will Own a Tablet

Forrester Research has revised their tablet forecasts and now postulates that more Americans will own tablet computers in the near future.  According to the company, its initial impressions were "too conservative" and that the tablet market has accelerated faster than they originally forecast.

Obviously the huge success of the iPad, combined with the onslaught of Android tablets that is commencing this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show has forced everyone watching the tablet market to re-evaluate initial impressions.  Forrester is also changing its forecast of how tablets will be in terms of replacement rates -- putting them in the same categories as MP3 players, rather than PC's, calling Tablets "lifestyle devices".

Tablet computers will have an impact on social networking, much like iPhones and other smartphones do today. Still, saying that a 1 out of every 3 Americans will own a tablet is a pretty lofty forecast.

Mobile Photo Apps Explode Onto Social Web

We have long had the ability to take a photo on a smartphone and quickly post it online to share with others.  Whether it's via email, Facebook or Twitter, smartphone equipped mobs love to share photos.  There's a new phenomenon happening online that has caught Facebook and Twitter by storm.  Applications that snap photos and apply interesting filters such as "Russian Toy Camera" and "High Monochrome" add an artsy flair to an otherwise boring grainy photo.

The iPhone application Instagram has gained the most press as it picked up 1 million users in just under 2 months.  A user of the app takes a photo, applies a filter and uploads it to Instagram's site -- with integration into Facebook, Twitter and a few other social networks.  An Android phone owner will want to know about PicPlz -- a similar app that is cross-platform with very similar functionality.

If you're a smartphone owner and want to experiment, check out the apps and share your best photos.  Facebook friends seem to like them and it's a fantastic way to share a bit more about your day.