Socialtext (news, site) brings collaboration to your smartphone with Socialtext Mobile, allowing secure microblogging and staff communication on the go.

Socialtext takes itself out of the office and on the road with the launch of its new (beta) Socialtext Mobile package, which should be a suitable option for those who are always on the go, but have become used to the company's desktop-based systems.

Users of an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android (the beta currently supports the big three, but expect wider smartphone support), can use the new system to view messages, find and call or email essential contacts, or view important messages.

Socialtext customers can use Motorola's Good Mobile Connection to provide a secure behind-the-firewall transport for added security.


Socialtext Mobile Interafce is device-generic, but still looks pretty sleek with search tools, quick navigation tools and even editing features for your own pages.

Socialtext Mobile offers a wide range of features:

  • Twitter-like microblogging, but private and secure for your company staff.
  • Wiki Workspaces, where you can access documents and information, share advice and gather corporate wisdom and collaborate on projects.
  • Socialtext People offers a mini-social network environment for leaving messages about what people are up to, skills that could be useful and so on.
  • A Dashboard provides a front end for all this information, allowing users to quickly keep up to date with current events in their company and on the network.

A four-minute video highlights many of the features:

Socialtext Mobile is a free addition for Socialtext 3.6 users, which itself can be used free for small groups of up to 50, or is available to enterprises either as hosted or on-site version with appropriate fee structures. It isn't the only service out there with the likes of Yammer (which has BlackBerry and iPhone apps) and Jive offering similar business-oriented social systems.