Spigit Partners With SDG to Spread Idea Management
 Spigit (news, site) is back in the news this week thanks to a partnership with Strategic Decisions Group. By combining forces, the pair promises to deliver collaborative, enterprise-level idea management solutions to Global 2000 companies and select government organizations.

Strategic Decisions

SDG is a management consulting firm with international tentacles that touch North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and India. The group essentially helps companies find innovative strategies to implement, as well as aid the strengthening of internal competencies and the decision making process. 

SDG + Spigit

With Spigit's platform, enterprises can engage both employees and external stakeholders in strategic innovation. Add that to SDG's M.O. and you get mass collaboration all the way from strategic innovation to balancing and management. 

As for the government bit, the SaaS-based CitizenSpigit (basically idea management for the White House) reportedly fits in with SDG’s solutions for project prioritization and resource allocation in the public sector. 

“Any company that is looking for growth or significant improvement in efficiencies, where the front line is widely distributed, can gain a great benefit from applying Spigit’s enterprise solutions,” said Carl S. Spetzler, chairman and CEO of Strategic Decisions Group. “We look forward to using these comprehensive tools and the community-style platform to support our clients as they explore the most effective ways to generate new value for customers and shareholders.”

Bigger and Bigger

In the end, it's also about being more viral. Partnering with SDG will allow Spigit to engage a broader cross section of employees and stakeholders than they were previously able, providing a perfect opportunity for the Pleasanton-based startup to flex the latest version of their platform. 

The newest version of S3 -- released roughly three weeks ago -- focuses on flexibility and scalability by bringing a new widget-based framework to the table. Built-in widget-level access controls allow only particular groups of users to view specific widgets on their screen, while administrators are now able to move ideas and categories across multiple communities.

What has been enough to impress SDG has also romanced companies like AT&T, Lloyds Banking Group, Southwest Airlines and Choice Hotels International. If you too find yourself interested, check them out here