For those creating mobile apps, DeviceAnywhere now supports the Windows Phone 7 range to help app creators test and check their products.

Testing, Testing

Having recently picked up a number of tech publications' accolades that include being named one of the “100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Bay Area,”  appearing among the “Top 60 Fastest Growing Companies in Silicon Valley”  and in Software Magazines’ “Software 500,”  DeviceAnywhere is clearly on the rise.

The progress is helped by its sizeable infrastructure that offers an online solution for developers to test their apps on real devices, in a controlled environment. Lead products DeviceAnywhere Test Center and Test Automation for Smart Devices allows enterprises to check that their Windows Phone 7 apps will function across the range of devices, ensuring a smooth experience for the end user.

The Test Tube

With all the phone makers, major software developers and other members of the mobile ecosystem on-board, DeviceAnywhere lists speed of testing for everything from apps to content and mobile websites among its strengths. Companies not signed up, can apply for a free trial to see what's on offer and there are a number of partner programs to sign up for including; Strategic Partner Program, Virtual Developer Lab and Proof Center.

Smaller developers aren't ignored either, as indies can apply for the Independent Developers Package Promotion. This is aimed at Android, iPhone (and presumably now Windows Phone 7) devices. Users can sign up for a promotional account offering $30 of access.

Windows Phone 7 Is Go

Windows Phone 7 devices have been available around the world for a few weeks and launch in North America today, to a quiet start apparently. AT&T are selling the Samsung Focus, LG Quantum and HTC Surround while Dell offers its own Dell Venue Pro and T-Mobile has the HTC HD7 model.

The range has got off to a reasonable start with decent reviews and happy customers around the world, but only time will tell if Microsoft and its partners can make a dent in the Android/iPhone/BlackBerry dominated smartphone market.