Here's a little something for everyone suffering from inbox anxiety. Unsearch, the winner of this year's Enterprise 2.0 Launchpad competition, is an e-mail search solution with an interesting twist: it provides relevant search results next to the message being read.

Baydin's Unsearch

Unsearch is an Outlook plugin from a startup called Baydin. The tool analyses the e-mail you're reading and plugs related attachments and e-mail conversations in a right-hand column:



Unsearch is brought to you in part by Microsoft's Windows Desktop Search API, but does its own filtering of search results returned by the API. "We have two layers of proprietary technology sandwiched around Microsoft's tech," said Baydin's CEO, Alexander Moore. "First, Unsearch analyzes the e-mail and extracts keywords. Then, it runs the keywords through the search API and runs a set of proprietary algorithms on the search results to filter and reorder them. It then displays those processed results."

The outcome is a tool that is able to identify key concepts within work e-mails and serve related e-mails from across the corporate network on a silver platter so you'll have all the information needed to reply/act knowledgeably. It also digs up information from network drives and SharePoint, as well as from Enterprise 2.0 sources such as wikis, blogs and activity streams:

Winners for a Reason

Usearch won the Enterprise 2.0 Launchpad competition in Boston last week against players like Doodle, InnovationCast and MindQuilt. We can't say we're surprised-- being able to obtain critical information from people within you're network without asking -- including those you've never even met -- is a major time saver.

The tool is currently in closed beta, but if you're interested you can sign up for more information here