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  • Conquer Your Inbox! 5 Tools for Email Management

    Information overload got you down? Welcome to the club. We're over capacity. If you're still thinking of resolutions to make in January, might we suggest proper e-mail management? Here are a few tools to help you along the way: Xobni This post was inspired by a survey conducted by Harris

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  • From Information Overload to Information Breaking Point

    If you thought our coverage of Americans remaining over-worked straight through the holiday season was disturbing, then brace yourself. LexisNexis has helped bring to light a much more unnerving reality: professionals from coast to coast are so overwhelmed by the amount of daily information, they're going as far as deleting

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  • Unsearch: Search E-mails Across Corporate Networks

      Here's a little something for everyone suffering from inbox anxiety. Unsearch, the winner of this year's Enterprise 2.0 Launchpad competition, is an e-mail search solution with an interesting twist: it provides relevant search results next to the message being read.

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