Despite the fear of being thrown rotten tomatoes at, here’s a new acronym: sCMS, which stands for social CMS.

According to KickApps (news, site), they released just that -- an sCMS -- with the new KickApps 5.0 version of the social software development suite.

New in KickApps 5.0

Can you instant message each other within the CMS? No. At least, not yet.

But what you can do is manage both “regular” and social content from under the same roof via connectivity to a good number of social platforms and other functionalities, including:

  • Video uploads, ingestion, encoding and publishing with Pro Video
  • Content curation
  • iDevice support (in beta)
  • Facebook support
  • Mobile (iPhone, iPad and Android)
  • Addition of a new role Admin

One other new feature of KickApps 5.0 is custom web pages that can contain social collaboration tidbits like comments, tags, ratings, sharing.


KickApps Custom Page Editor

Anything New Under the Social CMS Sun?

Alex Blum, CEO of KickApps, notes:

Traditional CMS platforms were built for an outdated approach to deploying and managing editorial-centric content and lack meaningful social integration.

What we really see in the market is that many Web CMS vendors do attempt to be social media -friendly via developing their own social modules and connectors.

Others, purposefully, chose to stay away from delving too deep into the social media topic, leaving all things social for vendors who specialize in social enterprise software. And then integrate their Web CMSes with their social products. Just like KickApps can integrate with a number of content management systems.