Egnyte (news, site) aims to make it easier to work from home (the pub, or the mall) this holiday season with a new application for Android users.

Knowledge, Anywhere

Egnyte has a range of cloud file server offerings for all size of business Enterprise 2.0 user. With ever larger numbers of workers, especially in smaller businesses, working away from the office over the holidays using their smartphone is a way of keeping an eye on things.

What with Google Docs being editable and PowerPoint-style presentations viewable on smartphones, it seems there is increasingly less of a reason to trudge into the office on these cold winter mornings. Sure, an iPhone or Android device isn't the ideal way to work, but if it helps keep you out of the office, that has to be good news.

Full Function From Far Away

Egnyte's offering gives the user access and the ability to create, edit and delete files remotely. These can be synced to a central file server, so changes are always up to date for all users, keeping everyone in the loop and allowing others to work at home or on the go.

The company offers central administation, online storage and mobile access in two categories, small businesses with up to 50 users, or for larger organisations. There are several storage solutions, but Egnyte's cloud or hybrid cloud offering has all the security and backup features any size of company would need.

Android Workers

The Android app works using a hybrid Local Cloud framework that gives users the ability to develop, edit and delete files. These can be shared, either as links or attachments, with sensitive files set with an expiration date (or use limit) to keep data secure. When a file is opened on the phone, Egnyte creates a local copy so that if the network drops, or the user moves out of coverage, they can continue working. Edits will be saved back when they return to coverage.