Yahoo Web Analytics
Yahoo’s web analytics service, originally IndexTools until Yahoo took them over in 2008, is battling it out with Google in the web analytics ring. And despite their hold on the analytics world, according to CMS Watch, Yahoo beats Google in several areas important for enterprise analytics.

In a recently released Web Analytics 2009 report from CMS Watch, 12 potential use cases were tested with 20 web analytics platforms.

Analytics providers reviewed included Google, Yahoo, Coremetrics, Web Trends and Omniture, among others.

Yahoo and Google Battle it out over analytics

Yahoo Web Analytics Interface


Where Yahoo Beats Google in Analytics

According to the CMS Watch report Yahoo beats out the famed Google Analytics in some key areas -- areas particularly important to enterprise analytics.

  • Better Access Control Options – Yahoo Web Analytics allows for easier and better control of who has access to your analytics. This becomes important in enterprise settings where there may be large numbers of people accessing various areas of the reports.
  • Better Multi-site Analytics - Yahoo provides a simpler approach to multi-site analytics.
  • Larger Default Monthly Page - View Limits – Yahoo offers 200MM compared to Google’s 5MM unless you have an active AdWords campaign.
  • Access to Traffic Data - Yahoo gives you the ability to export out your raw, unaggregated data.
  • Better Historical Access – Yahoo allows longer historical availability of reports and data.

Aside from these reported findings, enterprise analytics users are leery about Google due to concerns about data access and migration, especially considering there is no effective data verification service.

Yahoo Web Analytics Beats Google in Enterprise Analytics
Google Analytics Interface

Yahoo Web Analytics Won the Battle but not the War

Yahoo did have some downfalls. Apparently, CMS Watch feels that Yahoo Web Analytics has some administrative complexities due to its rich functionality and it has no 24/7 tech support. These findings could be determining factors for many looking at either as potential options for analytics.

So Yahoo gets a day in the spotlight, having surpassed Google in some key areas of enterprise analytics. Unfortunately for Yahoo this seems a rarity, so expect to see Google address some of these things within the coming year.