Yahoo Web Analytics
Yahoo!, the struggling Internet giant, has managed to complete its latest product: Yahoo! Web Analytics. While the name is uninspiring, the product actually looks like it has some potential. If anything, it has a sexy look and feel to it. With this being a "controlled access launch," not everyone interested in trying the new product will be able to do so. Hence, Google Analytics doesn't have to worry. At least not yet. The name change from IndexTools isn't the only thing Yahoo! had up its sleeve. They launched a redesigned Web site and made additions to the product itself -- increased scalability and compliance, single sign-on, integration with Yahoo! account and more is what is coming to the public in the future. These changes took five months to complete after Yahoo! purchased IndexTools, but it is was well worth it. While all this sounds great, it looks even better.
Yahoo! Web Analytics Web site Analysis

That is one beautiful interface

Some of the features of the new Yahoo! Web Analytics include: * Customizable dashboards * Custom goals, custom reporting and custom fields * Multiple dashboards for various individuals * Track marketing campaigns * Real-time segmentation and cost analysis * Merchandise reporting and comparative reporting * Scenario analysis and advanced path analysis * Marketing workflow management
Yahoo! Web Analytics Web site Analysis

Complete customization -- magnificent!

That is only a small portion of what is to come when Yahoo! Web Analytics goes live. This begs the question: when can everyone get in on the action?

Sign Me Up!

Unfortunately, those interested in trying Yahoo! Web Analytics are probably going to have a tough time getting in unless you are one of the following: * Yahoo! Store * Yahoo! Developer (Y!OS) * Yahoo! Head Advertiser (Microsites) The Yahoo! team has decided to keep the doors shut for most users who want to try out their latest Web analytics solution: "As you can read, this is not a free-for-all-come-and-get-it launch, but a carefully planned controlled access launch, which will keep all of our functionality in place and even enhance it."

Too Little, Too Late?

Should Google be worried about Yahoo!'s attempt to step in on their ground? That is a most definite "no-way, Jose." Google Web Analytics has had an edge in both experience and users. The simple fact of the matter is that people who have been using Google Web Analytics are not going to switch. Yahoo! Web Analytics has only one hope, and that is for new users. Those users who are creating new blogs and new sites might be inclined to try Yahoo! Web Analytics, and that is where Yahoo! needs to excel. However, if they are restricting access so heavily, the company is shooting itself in the foot, as they are missing in on thousands of new users on a daily basis. Why not release the product to everyone while the media coverage is hot? So, beyond the fact that Yahoo! is late to the party, will not attract existing Web analytics users from other solutions to switch, can't beat Google at anything and has released few details to us, things are still -- almost -- looking sexy for Yahoo!'s Web analytics solution. The company stated the intention of increasing the number of users that will be allowed to try Yahoo! Web Analytics by the end of the year. It surely can't come too soon. And although the future of Yahoo is in jeopardy, at least some of their customers will have some beautiful analytics tools to look at.