Yammer (news, site) kicked out leaderboards this week, a new feature that enables organizations to quickly discover their top members, and most popular posts and threads: 


More specifically, the feature includes:

  • Most Liked Members: Top 10 users whose messages have received the most ‘Likes’
  • Most Replied to Members: Top 10 users whose messages have received the most replies
  • Members with the Most Posts: Top 10 users with the most public messages posted
  • Most Replied to Threads: Top 10 threads with the most replies
  • Threads with the Most Participants: Top ten threads with the most participants

Basically it's like the Top News feed in everyone's favorite social network (no surprise there, considering Yammer's recently announced aim to be Facebook for the Enterprise). Adding features that business folk are already used to using in their consumer lives has been a wise tactic for Enterprise 2.0 companies (see consumerization). 

In fact, much of Yammer's recent activity has built them a reputation as being the company to beat in 2011. Accordingly, competitor Socialtext released a migration tool specifically designed to steal away Yammer users (check it out), and Salesforce.com freed up Chatter

When Leaderboards hits your particular account, it will be accessible from the left navigation panel, and you will be able to view the Top 10 lists over varying spans of time, including the past 24 hours, seven days, 28 days and all time.

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