Yammer's New Platform is Facebook for the Enterprise

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Yammer's New Platform is Facebook for the Enterprise
Move over, Chatter. Today at TechCrunch Disrupt Yammer (news, site) revealed its new enterprise collaboration platform, effectively shelving the "Twitter for for the Enterprise" title in favor of a more social network-savvy look. 

The release adds a number of applications and features to Yammer's platform, including:

  • Polls – Create polls that allow co-workers to identify best options. 
  • Events – Invite co-workers to company or group events and track responses.Download events into Microsoft Outlook or Google calendar.
  • Links – Share URLs with co-workers in a form that displays videos and images inline.
  • Topics – Tag content with topics, enabling better collection and curation of conversations and data.
  • Direct Messages – Communicate privately with one or multiple colleagues and add participants to the conversation at any point.
  • Presence – See who is online now and how they are connected to Yammer (i.e., website, the desktop client or a mobile client.)
  • Enhanced Analytics – Provides network administrators with interactive charts to track engagement in their network.



The Yammer "2.0" User Interface  -- Rather Facebook-like

After a Chatter 2 release and a MangoApps 2.0 release, Yammer is right-on with their timing. But how will they manage to differentiate themselves from all the other solutions being offered? At TechCrunch Disrupt, Yammer CEO David Sacks bulleted three distinct ways:

Learning Opportunities

  • The Yammer platform does not ask developers to learn any new languages. It's entirely CSS, JavaScript and HTML. 
  • All applications we're built on the platform, meaning developers can build their own.
  • The extent to which these apps are interactive in the feed. The Yammer apps don't live in widgets; they aren't there via a published story that links to another site; they are fully dynamic and interactive within the feed.  

Further, Yammer is giving third-party developers the ability to create and sell their applications like, much like the Google Apps Marketplace.

For starters, the Crocodoc app allows users to highlight on PDFs, Word documents, images and other files attached to Yammer messages. And a new Zendesk app attaches Zendesk customer service ticket to Yammer messages. Word on the street is that Box, Expensify and Lithium Yammer apps are also currently in development.

“By adding Yammer and partner applications that address a variety of business functions, Yammer becomes the internal communications hub for customers," added Sacks. 

Yammer has been climbing steadily this year, but they're not the only player in the game. Who do you think has the most potential to be king of this arena and why?