As part of its program to develop a completely integrated and open software stack, Oracle (news, site)  has just announced the release of new Virtual Machine (VM) templates for three of it s principal business applications.

Citing the need for quicker easier deployment times for the creation of fully functioning applications environments, Oracle has released the VM templates for its E-Business suite, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and PeopleSoft.

By deploying the templates, users will be able to by-pass traditional installation processes where applications have to be configured from scratch, and use the templates that can cut deployment time – and costs – to just a fraction of what they currently.

In the case of E-Business Suite this means that a fully supported suite can be installed in a few hours as opposed to the normal two or three day cycle. Users will also be able to use enterprise-class server virtualization and optimizing resources and minimizing costs.

Based on Oracle Enterprise Linux, the new templates provide pre-installed and preconfigured software images for developing new software stacks. These include:

  • VM Templates for E-Business Suite 12.1.1: Enables customers create their own templates to be configured and deployed in virtualized environment as well automating E-Business Suite installation.
  • VM Templates for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: Templates for deploying EnterpriseOne v9.0.
  • VM Templates for PeopleSoft: Enable user deploy development, testing, training and demo environments quickly and efficiently.

Oracle and Virtualiztion

Oracle is focused here on improving data center efficiency and with Oracle VM they should be able to do so by leveraging server virtualization to deploy and manage enterprise applications faster and easier.

In February last, Gartner (news, site) published its list of top ten technologies for business and right at the top of the list was virtualization.

According to the researchers, the technologies are transitioning from in-house or data center-operated solutions to “lighter-weight” services like cloud computing as companies focus not so much on cost cutting anymore as flexibility, productivity and value creation. Oracle’s templates should provide that.