According to recent research from Gartner (news, site), document management will be one of the top 10 technology priorities for CIOs in 2010. Reminiscent of 2009 top 10 strategic technologies, virtualization and cloud computing challenges will also keep CIOs on their toes this year.

Top 10 Technology Priorities in 2010

Gartner conducted a survey of 1,600 CIOs around the world to find out the top 10 business and technology strategies for this year. Turns out, the CIOs are focusing on document management, web 2.0 and mobile technologies -- among other things -- but cloud computing and virtualization are at the top of their priorities list:

  1. Virtualization
  2. Cloud computing
  3. Web 2.0
  4. Networking, voice/data communications
  5. Business Intelligence
  6. Mobile technologies
  7. Document management
  8. Service-oriented applications and architecture
  9. Security technologies
  10. IT Management

Top 10 Business Priorities in 2010

This year, we will see more enterprises transition from cost-cutting to flexibility, productivity and value creation, hence the focus on data and document management. According to the researchers, the technologies are transitioning from in-house or data center-operated solutions to “lighter-weight” services like cloud computing.

Here’s Gartner’s ranking of top 10 business priorities for 2010:

Learning Opportunities

  1. Improving business processes
  2. Cutting costs
  3. Increasing the use of analytics (See our poll on this)
  4. Improving enterprise effectiveness
  5. Attracting new customers
  6. Managing change initiatives
  7. Innovation in products and services creation
  8. More effective targeting
  9. Consolidating business operations
  10. Growing customer relationships

2010 IT Budgets to be Flat

As part of their survey, Gartner analysts also report that 2010 IT budgets will be flat in 2010; essentially, on the same level as 2005 budgets.

In 2009, IT budgets declined 8.1%. “2009 was the most challenging year for CIOs in the corporate and public sectors as they faced multiple budget cuts, delayed spending and increased demand for services with reduced resources,” said Mark McDonald, group vice president and head of research for Gartner EXP. However, Gartner predicts that in 2010 this will change.

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