ADAM Software Launches v4.4
ADAM Software has been busy working on a new set of features for its .NET-based Digital Asset Management platform. Finally released, ADAM 4.4 offers a set of data source controls in ASP.NET, automated standardized classification and more.

If you want to sell your solution, providing news that reads, "How Lara Croft Tomb Raider’s props and scenery are safe in ADAM" will probably get a few eyes on your website. After all, who doesn't love Angelina Jolie.

We expect though that most of you will pay even more attention to their news that they integrate with SharePoint 2007. With their DAM Connector for MOSS, SharePoint becomes the viewer for all DAM files including graphics, audio and video through the addition of webparts. Nice to see some integrated Digital Asset Management capabilities with one of the most used platforms on the market today.

But even though they integrate with MOSS and keep Lara Croft's props and scenary safe, they still need to enhance and improve. That's what ADAM v4.4 is all about.

Features of ADAM 4.4

There was already a nice set of features in this Digital Asset Management solution. That's why they made the list of DAM vendors in the 2009 DAM report for CMS Watch. Features include: infinite taxonomy, robust media workflows, all format support, flexibility and scalability.

It's the new stuff that we want to look at though:

  • Classification Mappings: Automatically catalog records using standard classification schemes like UNSPSC or [email protected], based on your internal classification structure
  • HTML Fields: Store rich metadata which can include common HTML tags and formatted text -- and you don't need to know HTML to do it.
  • Performance Improvements: Up to 300% they say for searching, loading images and retrieving records and classification structures
  • Maintenance Job Log Framework: A redesigned and improved user interface that offers an admin view of the maintenance and ordering log, with searching and filtering.
  • Datasource Controls for ASP.NET: Want to build custom websites on the DAM platform? These new Datasource Controls will go a long way to help. You can use the standard ASP.NET controls or other third-party controls. These controls make development easier as you no longer need to write custom code to do things like retrieve, display, update and create data .

ADAM developers can download the new version now. But if you want to learn more about what's new in ADAM v4.4, they are holding a webinar on March 17th to enlighten you.

Also good to note that Intel has certified ADAM with their SpikeSource certification. This certification demonstrates that ADAM is "free of all known significant security vulnerabilities". Each update is certified as well.

Interested in learning more? Go to the ADAM software website.