ADAM Provides a DAM Connector for MOSS

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ADAM software releases a Digital Asset Management Connector for Sharepoint
Most of the connectors we see for SharePoint are focused on search, content repositories and social networking. Here's one that fits a different bill - ADAM Software offers a connector for SharePoint to improve it's Digital Asset Management capabilities -- to a degree.ADAM Software provides Digital Asset Management solutions. They are one of 10 vendors in CMS Watch's The Digital & Media Asset Management Report 2008. They have a number of solutions and what they call "ComfortZones". One of these ComfortZones is the Microsoft SharePoint Connector.

Digital Asset Management for SharePoint

CMS Watch offers a number of reasons why SharePoint on it's own doesn't offer much in the line of Digital Asset Management, including: "file size limits, and crude facilities for transcoding and metadata management".Enter ADAM Software, one of the few .Net DAM Providers to save the day with their SharePoint Connector.With the connector SharePoint becomes the viewer for all DAM files including graphics, audio and video through the addition of webparts.

Search and Find

All your access to the ADAM is via SharePoint web parts including:* Guided search via ADAM's classification tree* Free text searching on metadata* Ability to search all files* View assets and associated versions via SharePoint Lists


ADAM provides 150+ definable roles that are in sync with Active Directory. The roles allow you to take advantage of security on all assets, records and metadata.

Enterprise Features

Some of the enterprise features that ADAM brings to SharePoint include:* File conversion to any format with the ADAM provider model* A Rules Engine that allows participation with workflows within SharePoint* No 5MB limits* Customizable User InterfaceIf you are using SharePoint and looking for a bit more digital asset management capability than it offers out of the box, take a look at ADAM Software's offering. ADAM provides a video that demonstrates how easy it is to set up it's DAM with SharePoint. Couldn't find any pricing information to pass on to you though - so you'll have to head to their website and get a contact.