ADAM 4.5: Focus on Interoperability, Developer Support
The latest edition of ADAM Software's (news, site) digital asset management suite aims to remove the drudgery of managing assets and improve how it plays with other software.

Saving Time, Making Friends

After bolstering its management roster last month, ADAM Software gets back to the task of improving its products with the latest version of its DAM solution for media-types. Up .1 of a release on March's last update, 4.5 offers some 40 new features. These include support for Internet Explorer 8, expanded support for Illustrator files with links to other docs and new time-saving tools.

Among these time savers are built-in site maintenance, allowing scheduling of major tasks to minimize impact on the site and customers. New Web-controls include a stateful form view that is more flexible than standard ASP.NET equivalents. This form stores information about its objects, allowing for developers to worry about their code and speed up site creation/alteration.

Text is now fully indexed, improving search speed and performance while permissions are more flexible, allowing more mature, or complex permission structures to be created, if your content needs such a feature.

About ADAM

ADAM is more like a platform, itself built on the .NET platform, than just DAM software, offering publishing, marketing, PR and media outlets and any company with a heavy use of digital media a way to store, organize and access that data.

Divided into studios, there is the Config Studio for administration. The heart of the package is the Media Studio, where you can create different studios for types of documents, while the Doc Maker studio can be used to aid localization and publishing of material.

With customers ranging from Microsoft to EIDOS, ADAM can be customized for almost any content environment. Version 4.5 is available now. Read the ADAM blog for some late breaking information about upgrading, if you're already an ADAM user.