AIIM and CMS Watch unveil AIIM Essentials
Can't get enough information on SharePoint? Web Content Management? A little in the dark about DAM? Are you interested in learning? AIIM and CMS Watch have announced a new series of technology-based education programs covering topics such as web content management, SharePoint, eDiscovery and digital asset management.

AIIM Essentials is an education course series brought to you by AIIM and CMS Watch in an effort to increase public knowledge and strengthen their education partnership. Their goal is to provide a vendor-neutral, independent perspective on technology tools. All the courses are non-certificate, online courses. Total course length averages between 4 and 6 hours.

AIIM has been in the information business for some years now. Being founded in 1943 as the National Microfilm Association, it is also referred to as the Enterprise Content Management Association. Their main purpose is the aid the public in understanding the process and difficulties surrounding managing documents, content, records and business processes. They also act as an industry intermediary for the enterprise content management industry.

The AIIM Essentials Course List

Web Content Management (WCM)

Understand various architectures and approaches and learn how various web content management platforms work. This course does not evaluate specific products nor does it cover how to build your own WCM platform.

  • Introduction to WCM
  • WCM Core Technology Services
  • Web Content Production Services
  • Web Content Delivery
  • WCM Vendor Landscape and Trends


Determine if SharePoint is for you and learn how to develop a strategy for SharePoint. Does not cover specific how-to's.

  • What Is and Isn't SharePoint 2007
  • SharePoint Architecture for Business Managers
  • Evaluating SharePoint's Core "Six Pillars"
  • Evaluating SharePoint for Social Computing

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Learn to identify your own requirements for digital asset management as well as understand how various DAM & MAM system services work.

  • Introduction to DAM
  • Asset Creation, Assembly and Delivery Services
  • DAM Architecture and System Management Services
  • DAM Implementation Scenarios
  • DAM Technology Landscape and Trends


Learn how to build a successful eDiscovery process and help eliminate headaches down the road.

  • Introduction to eDiscovery
  • eDiscovery Process: Gather
  • eDiscovery Process: Filter
  • eDiscovery Process: Deliver
  • Marketplace and Trends

AIIM has teamed up with CMS Watch (an independent source of buyer's advice on content technologies) to bring you this list of courses. Along with the courses you will also receive a full year’s access to the content contained within the program for referring back to later.

Content management and digital asset management are important topics in a world of digital content. Understanding eDiscovery and what it might mean for your company is essential knowledge for any business operating online.

If you want to learn more about WCM (web content management), Sharepoint, DAM (data asset management), or eDiscovery then check out these courses.