Alfresco (news, site) offers an enterprise content management solution aimed at large enterprises (hence the word enterprise), but it decided it was missing a key segment of the market -- departments and SMBs. Today, they resolve this with the addition of a new subscription offering -- Alfresco Team. And it has some new functionality you won't currently find anywhere else.

Alfresco Team -- For Departments & SMBs

Alfresco wants to support the content collaboration needs of the department and small business. So they designed a new subscription -- and a new tool -- for content collaborators called Alfresco Team.


Alfresco Team User Dashboard

It looks a little familiar at first -- think Alfresco Share -- but it offers more functionality out of the gate and brings Alfresco into the market range of US$ 2-15K per year.


Alfresco Team

Alfresco Team is built on a few important concepts:

  1. Content Collaboration is at the core of our daily work lives
  2. It is social
  3. It happens in real-time

Now you've heard Alfresco talk Social Content Management before; here is Alfresco CMO Todd Barr explaining what it is:

Alfresco Team is basically like a SharePoint Team Site or a site, only it offers more capabilities. In addition to what you've seen out of Alfresco Share, Alfresco Team supports the ability to collaborate on content across different channels and collaboration tools, so you can work on your mobile device or the desktop and get the job done.

Some of the features you will see in Alfresco Team include:

  • Previews of audio/video and adobe photoshop files
  • Social features such as liking content, commenting, favoriting, threaded discussions
  • You can see changes to content in the activity stream
  • Take photos of a whiteboard session with your iPhone and upload it immediately to Team to share with your co-workers

There is also integration with Google Apps. Inside Team you can select to check out a document to Google Docs, collaborate on it and then check it back into Team.


Alfresco Team document actions

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can also now start a workflow. There is access to several common workflows related to managing documents, this capability utilizes the recent Alfresco Actitivi BPM solution. New folder rules and automated transformations (eg, doc to pdf) are also included in Alfresco Team.


Alfresco Team Collaboration Capabilities

New Mobile Support

Today, Alfresco is also announcing a set of new mobile apps designed to target the tablet. A new iPhone app lets you capture and share images (as mentioned above). The new iPad Team app goes a bit further. Not only can you capture and share images, you can also tag, preview, edit metadata and download docs to iWork and QuickOffice to edit.

Alfresco CMS Todd Barr told us that this is only the first iteration of its iPad Team App. A motto he stated that Alfresco has adopted is "It's Apple's World -- we just live in it (quite happily)", so expect more features and functionality to come.


 Alfresco Team on the iPad - three column view

The mobile apps are built using a framework that will enable Alfresco to build for other tablets. But today the focus is completely on Apple.

Also, very important, Alfresco is releasing the app code as open source, which enables the Alfresco Community to build applications using it.

Fully Upgradeable to Enterprise

Alfresco Team supports five languages at launch (English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese) and can be deployed on premise or on Amazon EC2.

The pricing model includes both a free edition (for 5 users for forever) and subscription pricing that starts are 10 users for $199/year/user. It then scales to 200 users at US$ 79/year/users. The subscription includes business hours support and the iOS apps are free.

One of the good things about Alfresco Team is that it is fully upgradeable to Alfresco Enterprise at any time as it is the underlying platform.

Finally, for those that may be wondering if this is a completely separate solution from the Community and Enterprise editions, it is not. The new functionality that is built into Team now will be included in the next versions of Alfresco Community and Enterprise coming this year. After that, Community and Team will be in sync.