Since arriving on the software scene in 2005, Alfresco has set the standard for commercial open source companies. Those years of hard work have lead to the company's biggest year yet.

Let's go by the numbers to put Alfresco's (news, site) 2010 in context:

  • 470 -- The number of new enterprise customers Alfresco added in 2010.
  • 1700+ -- The number of customers Alfresco has sold to since 2005.
  • 70 -- The percentage of Alfresco's clients that have 10,000+ employees.
  • 35 -- The percentage of overall annual growth for Alfresco in 2010.
  • 500,000+ -- The number of times that Alfresco Community Edition was downloaded in 2010.

More Highlights from 2010

The successes of 2010 fall under four areas:


In its five years, Alfresco has raised US $19M in funding. Alfresco has taken that US $19M and turned it into almost US $100M in revenue. Seems like a decent return for the venture capital firms that invested early.

The growth goes beyond the financials. Alfresco is available in 55 countries, including the addition of customers in India and China. Furthermore, Alfresco increased its headcount by 35% including the hire of new CMO, Todd Barr.


With the release of Alfresco Enterprise 3.4, the concept of social content management was realized. Want to know what that means? Watch this video:

Alfresco jumped into the business process management market with hiring of BPM expert Tom Baeyens and the subsequent launch of Activiti BPM 2.0.

Understanding that potential customers would likely need to migrate from an existing content management system, the company debuted Alfresco Migration Services.

Customer Support & Services

While every new customer adds more revenue, it also adds more support responsibility. Alfresco met this need with another hire in Barry Duplantis, VP of Customer Service.

Alfresco also continued its outreach to the community with developer conferences in New York and Paris coupled with over 100 lunch & learn sessions in 50 cities.

Partner Network Expansion

Few software vendors can achieve Alfresco's five-year track record without a little help from friends. In this instance, those friends are partners -- system integrators, consulting firms and OEM partners.

Alfresco added 100 new partners across the globe to an already impressive partner network. Since 2005, Alfresco's software platform has generated US $1B in revenue for the partners. 2010 also marked the first year that five of those partners earned platinum status.

What's Next?

It's anyone's guess.

My expectation is that the employees, leadership and shareholders will celebrate a banner year and achieving profitability, but then it will be back to business as usual. That business includes continued expansion of the sales footprint and continued technology innovation.

In five more years, will we be talking about another US $100M in revenue for Alfresco? I wouldn't bet against it.