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Some small and medium sized organizations struggle to intergrate a solid document management system with their business line applications. Enter Computhink, an Illinois based Document Management solutions provider that has released the ViewWise Application Enabler for their flagship document management system ViewWise. It makes easier for an organization to add ViewWise Document Management functionality to their 3rd party business apps like Microsoft Dynamics, Intuit, Sage, SAP and Oracle.

Document Management Matters

For any organization that deals with a lot of documentation, some form of document management is necessary. Even smaller organizations have to deal with issues like where to keep documents, how to organize and retrieve them, and how to keep them secure from unauthorized personnel or from computer malfunctions. Document archiving, distribution, workflow and authentication are also issues that face most organizations. Whereas the need for document management capability has been apparent for a long time, some smaller businesses may have been resisting the implementation ofsuch capability due to potential complications interacting with other business line apps. Others may be turned off by the amount of technical know-how required to integrate a document management system into a business line application manually.

ViewWise Application Enabler for Integration

Computhink's ViewWise Document Management Solution is aimed at small and medium sized organizations. It's designed to do everything a good Document Management solution should do -- streamline the business process, improve customer service, ensure compliance, etc. It can also be deployed on an in-house network or accessed via web through ViewWise Online. The ViewWise Application Enabler makes implementing ViewWise a breeze, turning a sometimes daunting task into a simple matter of selecting fields to integrate with and creating the action to perform. According the Vince Smolek, Director of Product Management for Computhink, "It is really point-and-click". ViewWise uses targeting and capture technology from EnableSoft Inc., letting organizations interact with data from most Windows or web-based applications. You can simply grab the data you need from the business app screen and send it to ViewWise, where you can create actions to perform ViewWise index searches, full text searches, append data, create new documents and more. This makes the ViewWise Application Enabler ideal for reducing the time to build integrations with single or multiple business line applications, as well as the creation of seamless integrations. It also comes in handy for integration with applications that lack API or SDKs. Of course there are other appealing document management options for the small or medium organization,like Xythos , iDatix, Knowledge Tree or Cabinet NG's much acclaimed CNG-SAFE. Cabinet NG has recently released an API that allows for seamless integration into an organizations business applications, which might be right up some organizations alleys. Nevertheless, SMBs should look to Computhink for simple, quick integrated document management solutions, now made even quicker with the introduction of the ViewWise Application Enabler.

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