When one thinks of advanced electronic records management, what comes to mind? High volume simplification? Indexing and search capabilities? Automated management? If so, then ASG Software Solutions (news, site), a worldwide leader in business solutions for global enterprises, would like you to meet their new Records Manager.

The Transparency of Reducing Risk

Based on the foundation of ASG-ViewDirect -- the “repository of record“ -- which gives organizations the ability to improve business processes and reduce operational costs, all while ensuring compliance and mitigating risk, ASG-Records Manager is all that and more.

By transparently managing all of an organization’s records, no matter where they are stored in one consolidated view, Records Manager is meant to handle high-volume record environments. In fact, it was specifically designed to simplify information management for organizations wading (or drowning) in an increasingly complex information landscape (or landslide!)

Disaster metaphors aside, ASG-Records Manager provides a slew of management controls aimed at saving time, money and sanity. From indexing and searching to automatically capturing native content from line-of-business applications currently in use, organizations and transaction-based businesses alike can create dynamic electronic records systems that don’t need to be migrated to a new repository or database.

ASG-Records Manager features also include:

  • Automatic acquisition, classification, retention and disposition of high-volume, electronic information.
  • Definition of hierarchical taxonomies using pre-defined and automatic contextual-based folder classification.
  • Time and business event-based retention and holds on single and multiple records documents.

Compliance Automation

Where regulatory compliance is concerned, organizations that require an Electronic Records Management (ERM) system to capture, classify, retain and dispose of electronic content, can rely on ASG Records Manager’s strict automation system. This system enables highly-regulated industry organizations to meet the requirements set by the various legislative actions governing them. 

Meeting these requirements requires a high level of transparency, not currently being met by many organizations. Not only does ASG Records Manager make it easy for organizations to search, locate and produce content, it also provides a repeatable and systematic retention management system, which monitors activity, reducing the risk of untimely data destruction and spoliation allegations.


For many companies, reducing the manual aspects of records management is considered to be an advanced solution. With ASG Records Manager, organizations don’t just automate their systems, they can also assure regulatory compliance while managing lots of data, scattered throughout the enterprise.