Autonomy Pushes Meaning Based Marketing With New Solutions

Marketers have always been concerned about delivering personalized content to the right audience. And here is yet another development of a content management solution that aims to solve that problem.

This time it comes from Autonomy Interwoven (news, site ) coupled with their concept of Meaning Based Marketing (MBM).

At this week’s Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in Boston, the vendor have unveiled two new modules that will refine MBM.

Developed for businesses attempting to deliver the right content to the right customers the Merchandising and Recommendation module, and the Directed Navigation module aim to get you on client's websites and keep you there.

Autonomy And Interwoven Mashup

The Merchandising and Recommendation module will analyze product catalogs and other company promotional material and match site visitors and products.

At the same time, the Directed Navigation module analyzes page visits, profiles website visitors' wants and guides them to that product.

The result of a mashup of Autonomy IDOL’s ability to take meaning from dozens of different forms of information, and Interwoven’s business optimization solutions, MBM is the company’s solution to all that hard-to-touch information out on the infinitely social and sociable web.

These two new modules are an extension of that MBM problem solver, which is attempting to deal with issues like low online conversion rates, declining loyalty and inability to react to customer sentiment rapidly enough.

Merchandise And Recommend

With the Merchandising and Recommendation module, each piece of content in a product catalog is given meaning.

Features include:

  • Extraction and ingestion of meaning though intelligent connectors
  • Generation of taxonomies that intelligently categorize products
  • Matching of product with client in real time recommendation function
  • Content management for delivery of dynamic content.
  • Pin-pointing emerging product trends with advanced analytics
  • Deep analytics to discover why consumers purchase certain products, and to discover emerging trends and new business opportunities
  • Scalable technologies for dealing with billions of products and millions of customers.

Directed Navigation

The second module -- Directed Navigation -- builds implicit costumer profiles based on real-time customer behavior that will automatically deliver a customer experience based on that information.

Learning Opportunities

It brings the customer directly to the product they are searching for and simplifies their shopping experience.

Capabilities include:

  • Dynamic profiling abilities
  • Organization of product information by product concepts.
  • Intelligent linking that brings customers to associated products
  • Directed navigation capabilities

The company says that this is the dawning of (another!) new age where marketing departments won’t have to tag products anymore and can develop engaging customer relationships online.

It says the new modules will provide better understanding of customers and needs and provide the information they are looking for straight away. But can it really deal with all that unstructured data. Remains to be seen.

Meaning Extraction

MBM deals with this by extracting meaning from all forms of text, rich media, video and audio and plugs the information into over 500 functions designed to increase visitor numbers and their website experience.

Using the MBM, marketing people won’t have to manually tag their content any more, as the solutions provide a conceptual and human understanding of product data.

Some solutions, the company says, are not scalable and cannot deal with increasing volumes or either products or clients. Neither can they function in different a language, which effectively cuts vast overseas markets out of their client list.

The result is that all the money invested in SEO and personalization solutions is really just good money being thrown after bad, as conversion rates and sales still do not justify the money spent.