CaseProduction Wants to Improve eDiscovery and Document Production

Anacomp (site) updated its CaseProduction module, which is part of CaseLogistix, to improve and refine eDiscovery and document production.

On the Case For Better eDiscovery

Anacomp is from the old law school of business, having been around for over 40 years. However, it is keeping up with the times and forging ahead in the increasingly-important area of eDiscovery. With its U.S.-wide facilities it can scan over 100 million paper-based documents, while the CaseLogistix software can help companies analyze, review and report on what is found on systems, servers or scanned documents.

CaseLogistix can examine the data in e-mails, Web/XML pages, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, and even voice and video data files. Users can then search all the data for details relevant to a specific case to satisfy the company's eDiscovery obligations. Scripting and workflow features help automate and guide the process to completion.

eDiscovery Done Faster

CaseProduction 2.0, which helps legal support users manage the productions of documents of various size, format and layout complexity, features increased capacity and speed to improve efficiency and help users who are working to tight deadlines. It has a control panel that helps the user manage productions across the enterprise and can export data into any format requested by opposing counsel.

CaseProduction uses templates and wizards to help automate and simplify the process of creating discovery queries. The ultimate aim is to save time and reduce risk and exposure to litigation, which for any enterprise takes up increasingly more time and money. Problematic files that cannot be analyzed are highlighted and marked with placeholders to show the affected section to allow for human intervention and analysis.

So, if you work for a corporate legal department, law firm or governmental agency and are looking for new or improved eDiscovery solutions, Anacomp could be the company that delivers.