Coveo Expresso: Free Enterprise Search For Up to 50 Users
Advanced search technology developer Coveo (news, site) has just announced that it is making a beta version of its new Coveo Expresso search solution available for free in a move that is sure to please the small business market.

Coveo Expresso Beta gives up to 50 users the ability to search up to one million desktop and email files as well as up to 100,000 intranet documents and can be installed by a company’s IT department -- says Coveo -- within an hour.

Ideas Generator

OK, so you expect to get a Beta version for free, but the company says it hopes it will act as a nursery for new search solution ideas, which seems to suggest they will be looking at more than just tweaking when the final version is released.

“Coveo Expresso will act as a generator and incubator for new features and functionalities,” said Coveo SVP, Products Richard Tessier. “ . . .We want the IT community to download Expresso, provision it to their users, and tell us what they think about how Expresso works, and how enterprise search can make their lives easier.

All very nice, particularly as Coveo specializes in search solutions and has considerable experience delivering high-end search products.

CES 6.0 Base

Earlier this year, Coveo launched Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) 6.0, an information access platform that enables businesses to generate a higher return on their assets and mitigate risk, and is the platform upon which Expresso has been built.


Coveo Expresso Architecture

Coveo CES 6.0 allows users to securely access information they need within seconds, when it’s needed, without having to know where the document was previously stored. Coveo enables secure just-in-time access, from a laptop or a smartphone, to the relevant corporate data.

Expresso comes with an Admin Portal that allows administrators to enable accounts with a single click.

Coveo Expresso Beta

There is a large marketing element to this beta release with CEO Laurent Simoneau arguing that if you go with Coveo, you’ll never look back. Pure PR this may be, but it doesn’t take from the fact that many search solutions are built on legacy systems, can be difficult to deploy as a result and ultimately don’t offer full access to all the information available in enterprise information silos.

And with Expresso, the company says it hopes to re-educate business about the value of deep and widespread, easy-to-use search.

The access interfaces such as Coveo Outlook Sidebar, or their floating search bar that comes with Expresso is the first step in that process, giving users the ability to search directly from where they are working.

Features of Expresso include:

  • Search of up to one million items located on servers, and cross-enterprise search of up to 50 email accounts.
  • An Outlook search plug-in that searches and produce related folder conversations, attachments, people and indexed content from within Outlook.
  • The Floating Searchbar that enables users to search without leaving the application they are working in.
  • 24-hour live indexing for up to 50 PCs or laptops.
  • Mobile access via BlackBerry for 50 users


Coveo Expresso Search - Outlook Sidebar

So far, Coveo says, the response to Expresso has been positive from existing clients who have been testing it for Coveo.

While it may appear limited for some companies, Coveo also says licenses can be extended for a minimal cost to as many as 250 users, five million desktop files and emails and one million SharePoint and File Share documents.

If you’re interested in even trying the beta version you can download it from Coveo’s website.