Create Better Workflows in SharePoint Designer

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SharePoint Solutions Releases Workflow Essentials

Yes, you can create workflows for SharePoint lists in SharePoint Designer, but they aren't the most robust workflows you may need for your organization. Instead of hiring developers to build the workflows you need, why not try the new Workflow Essentials solution from SharePoint Solutions.

The suite of workflow activities and conditions enable you to create the business processes you need for your SharePoint content within the Designer interface.

Workflow Essentials

SharePoint Solutions should be well known for their SharePoint training and their SharePoint User Conference. But they also create a number of solutions that help make SharePoint work better.

Their newest solution to hit the market is concentrated on making workflows in SharePoint better using the SharePoint Designer. The SharePoint Designer is one way of developing and extending SharePoint (the other primary one being Visual Studio).

Usually, developers will use Visual Studio to create workflows for SharePoint because the workflows can be applied to more than one list or library.

Features and Functionality

Workflow Essentials provides an additional two dozen activities and conditions to the current SharePoint Designer Workflow capability, some of which include the ability to:

  • Create SharePoint Sites
  • Move and Copy list items
  • Query user properties from SharePoint or Active Directory
  • Send email attachments
  • Change item permissions
  • Upload to an FTP site or server from SharePoint
  • Get an RSS feed
  • Start another workflow


Learning Opportunities



These are just some of the activities you can now do in SharePoint Designer by installing Workflow Essentials.

“By working with our customers and students to understand their business needs, we have developed a SharePoint add-on product containing custom workflow activities and conditions for SharePoint that users will find indispensable,” Tony Bierman, senior software engineer for SharePoint Solutions.

Download a trial or just go buy the real deal right now for US$1,995.00. The product is for use with both MOSS and WSS. It may sound a bit expensive, but it's much cheaper than the cost of Visual Studio and a SharePoint Developer Consultant.