DAM for SharePoint
Equilibrium (news, site) is a company pushing for a slice of the rich media ecosystem developing around SharePoint. They are just one of many companies finding both innovative and obvious ways to leverage SharePoint as a platform. Let's have a gander at their approach.

SharePoint and Share Alike

As companies find evermore ways to manipulate and develop on SharePoint, and make use of video online, both for internal and customer consumption, Equilibrium stands out when it comes to managing rich media; movies, audio, PDF files and so on.

Its MediaRich Server supports almost all file formats and helps deliver them anywhere, to any other device.

For any company with a digital asset management requirement, MediaRich's video templating enables them to automatically and dynamically (based on the end user's needs) generate large numbers of videos for immediate download. Doing this processing automatically significantly reduces the time and costs associated with managing these assets. Other parts of the Equilibrium family include MediaRich for SharePoint and the free MediaRich Visualizer for SharePoint.


Nearly any media into nearly any format via MediaRich Server

Equilibrium doesn't just go it alone in this sector, last year it tied up with pTools to offer end-to-end Enterprise CMS software to customers.

Helping to cover several areas in a single platform including; Web content and digital asset management, document collaboration and records management. pTools is an Irish company that has many government and finance-side enterprise contracts, something Equilibrium may benefit from if the partnership develops and more companies require rich media services.

Continuing its efforts, Equilibrium's latest news is the release of its EQ Network hosted service (SaaS) that helps automate video personalization and delivery of web-based video. Using a SaaS-based Ad-Per-View service, adverts/sponsorship can be linked into the requested video, making earning money from video content an automated process.

With the Internet video advertising sector currently estimated to reach US$ 850 million this year and to increase by almost 80% by 2012, taking it to around US$ 1.5 billion, any company with video content should be carefully considering both how they will manage it and how they'll monetize it. Equilibrium thinks it's got the answers.