Through a strategic liaison, Oracle now provides Day's JCR/JSR 170-compliant connectors. This enables integration between third-party content repositories -- like EMC Documentum and SharePoint -- and Oracle WebCenter. The connectors come from a license agreement from 4Q06. Oracle WebCenter is -- and we quote -- an "integrated, comprehensive, and standards-compliant user experience platform." Java devs can build AJAX-rich components, portlets and content in an open architecture. Day's standardized connectors yield access to a standardized API from which companies can manage all organizational content. In short, the liaison is an enterprise-trawling, Web 2.0 junkie's dream. Day served as initiator of JSR 170. Last year, it helped develop compliant components for Oracle. A group of global industry experts, led by day, includes Oracle, in addition to IBM, SAP, FileNet and Sun.