Day Software Continues to Roll in Cash in 1H 2009

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Day Software Continues to Roll in Cash in H1 2009

When we reviewed Day's much-anticipated CQ5, we were mostly optimistic. Turns out, so are many of new and existing Day's customers, who keep investing in this Enterprise CMS and making Day's 2009 first half numbers shine brightly yet again.

1H 2009 revenue growth was reported at CHF 17.0M, which is an increase of 33% from total revenue of CHF 12.8M for 1H 2008. License revenue accounted for a whopping 42% of total revenue at CHF 7.2M, an increase of 26% from total license revenue of CHF 5.8M compared to same time last year. According to Day, there is an increase in re-orders from the existing installed base due to the interest in updates and new modules that came out in CQ 5.2 (e.g. DAM and Social Collaboration).

Support and maintenance revenues came in at CHF 5.4M, or 32% of total revenue. Day also reported operating income of CHF 1.8M, or 11% of revenue, and better-than-expected GAAP net income of CHF 1.1M, or 6% of revenue.Total cash was CHF 18.3M, a 21% increase over 1H 2008.

Learning Opportunities

Day’s success in the challenging economy is partially due to the operational restructuring efforts that took place last and this year, along with key new hires and additions of new members to its Board of Directors.

We should see more R&D, sales and marketing investments at Day in the second half of 2009. If you wish to geek out on accounting numbers, head over here. We, in the meantime, are looking forward to the next release -- CQ 5.3.