Digital Reef Adds Anacomp eDiscovery Services to Portfolio
Digital Reef (news, site), fresh of their announcement of a new CEO, has announced a new partnership with Anacomp.

A provider of litigation support and businesses process services and solutions, Anacomp has formed a technology alliance with Digital Reef in an effort to offer advanced document connection, selection, reduction and analysis, as well as early case assessment. Their services aim to reduce eDiscovery costs, as well as to accelerate litigation processes and mitigate risks.

Early Case Review

Digital Reef users will now be able to utilize CaseLogistix, Anacamp's litigation review platform, to control document relevance more readily and at an earlier stage in the process. In return, customers can rely on Digital Reef's discovery capabilities and similarity engine to find relevant content across a vast array of servers and storage and identify data for review and processing. The goal of course, is to streamline early case assessments, but also to save time, money and resources. 

CaseLogistix provides early case review by combining a configurable user interface and capabilities for review. Available via desktop, network or on the Web, CaseLogistix users can access only the data, documents and functionality particular to their roles.

Fully Unicode compliant, a variety of helpful tools from the automated organizational structure of "Intellifolders" and reusable matter templates, to the advanced scripting capabilities and workflow design features, users can accelerate review, cut processing costs and reduce associated risks.  

A Growing Partner Ecosystem for eDiscovery

Anacomp joins a growing field of eDiscovery companies, such as Mimosa, EntropySoft and FAST, aligning with Digital Reef to help provide customers with leading edge solutions. By "cultivating an ecosystem of valued partners," Digital Reef positions its partners to integrate their services to meet the needs of their customers.

Anacomp's legal discovery service combined with Digital Reef enhanced data discovery, analysis and early case assessment (ECA) is now generally available.